Story Triangle is a corporate training and Storytelling Consulting company since 2015.We specialize in Self and Organizational development across corporate segments.
We focus on providing training solutions for addressing goals at organization-wide level as well as day-to-day work.


To help people discover purpose,
find motivation and meet goals.



To create a world of deeply
self-aware individuals and organizations

Our Services

Business Communicating with a story

Storytelling for Innovation

Organizational and Personal Values

Personal Branding using the art of Storytelling

Building a culture of telling

About The Founder

Aparna Athreya is a storyteller and trainer in organizational storytelling. In 1996, she started her career as a techie and continued for 15 years, she had the opportunity to serve at organizations such as IBM, Infosys and Cognizant technologies. Over those years, she witnessed the successes, challenges and workings of the corporate world.

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Our Portfolio

What We Do

We develop organizations and individuals in the art and science of storytelling. We take our clients on a deep-dive into the world of stories and together we listen, identify, understand and craft stories. Stories that will be told by you, your team, your customers and the future generations.

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Our Offering

We provide highly experiential and creative workshops for topics such as the following

What is our philosophy?

The world is a melting-pot of stories; the rest is incidental.  In the beginning of the world, a story began to unfold and as you read this, we are in the middle of this grand story and there will be an end to this remarkable unraveling story.

Our Client